Moscow Cooperation: Chikiriki Creative Brand Cooperation

We create Design, Chikiriki bake it! Crazy ideas can be happen and be.. real. If there is Company, which can bake Designers cookies, which surprise Designer, this is it!





And.. second amazing Think is.. they use my Owls for creating Original Moscow Alaska Shoe with cooperation with kids Brand Alaska Originale. #chikirikieb1fb3a3b19292d01fee228ac2ff3050.JPG


2437.jpg is Brand which using their Creativity and Fantasy Right Direction. So many colors, styles and.. so amazing stylizations. You will buy here:


Blogging designer & ideamaker Girl: Jana Guothova – Proud Creator of Birds for & Birds for Alaska Originale.  This Original Blog written about really Good Advertising, which we love it here and we Create it too.

alaska, originale, guothova, good advertising, blog, about advertising, work, birds, building brand, advertising, which, sell



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