Guothova: 3 x more Creativity – how Get your Creativity Stream under Control?

How we can Create Creative Campaign? Really Good marketers knows first, what they are doing.  They are thinking first and then.. they are Creating Campaign.

Features for Creative Campaign:

Good know of Product features. When we know Product and target Groups as well, then we can promote it Great Way! So, follow simple Rule: Knowledge is Power.

3 x more Creativity ( Get your Creativity under Control )

* first you need Focus on what you will do ( finding Creative Ideas )
* Phase of preparation of Campaign and calculating Cost
* targeting of Ad Campaign: Who is our Target group?
* monetizing of Creativity & Knowledge ( just do Work as Best as you Can with your Imagination with Budget you have )

We think, Good Advertising bring something what people want and we can Bring them it special Way.


“I call this Method as.. control Creative Stream.”  — Jana Guothova, CEO of Company & Blog enterpreneur. Maybe you have Lot of Creativity, but you not drive it you can Easy Fall.


If you need help with Creativity, ask visual Experts.
Copyright: 2016 Jana Guothova

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