If you are making Startup Project, keep moving!

You are more wonderful as you Think. Just you need use your Skills.

  1. You have ideas. It is so good. But.. how to bring your Ideas to life?
  2. Grow it!put to Diary, keep in some Nice place, “water” it and.. 
  3. Once Day will be your Ideas prepare for make it real!
  4. I think, it is better to work more in first Startup phases, then you can collect Fruit at the end of process. Imagine growing Garden — how it works?

In process of Starting up you must learn: first how it works, then trying it, in next step see what works select Best and.. repeat it. And.. do not forget. For building Trust you need good People around which you can Trust. 

Prepare Budget ( finding Investor )
There is really hard Way do something without Money. Keep calm, prepare Money and then start. Without Money you are doing your work 8 x harder.

Author: Guothova. about.me/janaguothova  Copyright 2016. Author is Marketer, Startup advisor, Kids and Fashion Designer. She begin build her first Startup before 6 Years.


We are cooperating with Brand:
“Finančné tipy od Zdenka. – Financial advisor with trust from 2004.” When marketing Lady.. meets Financial Expert – it is Good Idea write Blog 😉


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