What really works in Good Avertising?

We do not see in Mind of Customers 100 %, when we are doing business Decisions, some Things we can do only according our Feelings, or Stats we find ( or works in our Company in past Time ). But  new Trends are so quick topic, we can only await what happen next.. 1, 2, 3 Years. Very experienced business professional usually know, what is making.

Good Advertising is usually mix ( i call it This Way ):

* Creativity essential
* Emotions you push to Customers ( there is different between Push and Pull strategy )
* New products developing ( it is important have Own unique Products in Portfolio ) + targeting of Products for Markets ( this Part is usually in Marketing called Market segmentation )
* analytic Thinking: very important make your Strategy as simple Steps

We can divide few directions of Company Strategy: Strategy for Visual Communication, Strategy for Public Relations etc. Some Things really works way: your Chef tell you.. but some Things works only as Long-Therm Strategy with Plan. Of course we can make plan a, b, c.. ( still there exist Backup Plan 🙂 Unleash your Limits and find Potential inside you. 

Determine your Success: there is better have few Ways, how to work on it:

* first, think about your Product Impact
* then second, think about Execution
* third, think about your Product, what it brings to Customers


Always when i mix something I imagine it as essentials we put together. Every Company have Own Mix of Ingredients, so we can Imagine make good Advertising as mix of potions or good food. Be care with sugar and.. salt! 

This Blog we are writing Original and Authentic. This is marketing Project for Summer 2016.


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