Cleaning Services good Design Solution: we create Design, which works in Winnipeg

Behind the Designer Wall: As another Successful Project from our Portfolio i can Introduce personally marketing for Signature cleaning services with “my illustration Girl”. I create this Girl with enthusiast Smile in cartoon Style.

“I prefer positive Attitude for all my Characters i drawn, because they are sending lot of Hope and Peace to World.  Then all my Works are Stylized and they are working Great especially in Marketing for Products.” — Jana Guothova ( Creator and Author )


Here is Signature Cleaning services in local TV spot with Joanna Palumbo, founder and CEO of Company.

Company receive Award be between 3 best Cleaning Services in Winnipeg. I am so proud, they using my Designs and representing my Artworks there! Guothova Jana – CEO, Marketing Expert and Blog Writer ( also Girls Designs Creator ). 


This Content is under Copyright: Joanna Palumbo Cleaning Services, Maid: Jana Guothova ( author )..
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