Cupick – Product Platform Startup for Asia markets

When i was Join Cupick i was surprised how wonderful Authors they was put together. It is no Secret, Cupick Platform will be new Etsy for Asia. They begin build Marketplace for all Creative Authors. Asia market is of course different from Europe, but i think there is possibility easy adapt with good work.

Some samples i find on Cupick and this one made my Day.

Artwork Brath Deep from N. Dhindsa.

blue-deep-asia-illustration-mermaid-inspired.gifblue-deep-asia-illustration-mermaid-inspiredclear.gifamara-cupick-artworkprojectheadstrong.gifWe will be Soon on Cupick too! We are so proud be between best Artists there.

regards – Jana Guothova
Company CEO

Source of image: Cupick

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