Vintage fashion Girls Illustrations: first we must know Market & feel Emotions

As part of my Design Original artworks are illustrations in Vintage style, which was used until now different form. From Manhattan Bars till Movie posters this is, what makes my artworks extraordinary – i never feel they will only part of my Computer. – say Artist.

Marketing for Vintage Illustrations is very specific, because we need know Market first. With each illustration i study segment, where it will be used. There are different types of styles, where we can go. I prefer little painful way, because i think good Illustration must make Emotions. For example it is good use Black, which cover probably for 30 % of Illustration. But.. only black is boring. So we need add colors. For me i prefer way Combine 3 – 4 main colors according palette. I never mix colors in computer, i mix it in my Head. I feel Colors so i select them way how I imagine. 


Fashion Vintage Girl in Purple Dress Illustration Art. This art is Original Piece hand drawn by Artist Guothova. 2016.

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