Future of Media: Believing more quality Projects will go Up

As Lady working few Years in Media i will share my feelings about Industry Movement. This times is media market ( advertising market ) overflow and only best kind of Strategy works.

I think.. best Companies will be near People and in People hearts. Not focus on Money and spending. We need build sustainable Companies with focus on wonderful ideas which makes our Lifes more rich and keep our Heritage. People this time need positive way and feel, they can work and live according them.

Give our work to people and sell it is important.. but last week i get email from Company, with 20 products “for sell”. All their work is in selling. Where is adding value to Items and where is additional value for Company?

“Life are not only Numbers.. we need build Businesses with Trust. We are on way.. rich will be richer and poor will be poorest. Of course we need protect people lifes in this World.”

Good Advertising Blog CEO
— with regards, Jana Guothova ( Lady with Trust in better World )

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