So much we are in Love in New Summer Skirts!

Summer Offer in Our Atelier is so fresh! Various styles, slavic-inspired Collection in Style.. For Žilina region ( Slovakia ) we set Brand “ŽILINSKÉ SUKNIČKY”. Brand is unique and create in Summer 2016. All models are created by Slovakia Designer Guothova, Žilina region born designer and artist.

Summer Hot offer for 2016 by Guothova!

* red Skirt with Dots
* Mandala inspired Collection
* Slavic inspired Collection
* designer Stripes Edition

Prices starts at 55 eur.



Red and White.. Old fashion Dots Model.


Mandala in “Black and White, inspired old middleeast Traditions”


Russia and slavic-inspired Collection.

Fashion stripes in blue and red. Beautiful marine Model inspired with 60s, 70s.

Offer via artist:

This Summer Offer is limited. 2016.

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