We do not create Advertising, we need tell Stories

Classic Advertising is out Today. We need create Creative Solutions, which will do work. This Days there is so lot of visual content. We can say, World is overflow with “marketing ideas”.

We need find Way, which will do work. I prefer positive Solutions with creative Impact, which do not look how Advertising.

Stories are selling. Story telling is popular this Days, because makes Brand more positive and easy for remember. Good stories add Brand value. What is main reason create really Good Advertising? Create well content, which we can easy remember. We can use for example negativity and “bake” Content, which change negative Story for Positive.

There are few types of “storytelling ideas” which we can use in Good Advertising.

– turn negative to positive
– make from your product hero
– use story of your company, how you are working, how you think and more.. show your company values and traditions


Make your Company respectable and.. you need build for your Business bright ideas and think, what makes your business model different like others and .. easy for remember. We are people which do not only study Advertising, but live it every day. We are creating new ideas Daily for different types of segments.

“Every Day we are finding new Way, where we wish go.”

10971255 – young pretty woman relaxing in whirlpool. vector illustration in retro style. Original Illustration by Guothova.

Good Advertising Blog is our Project for Summer 2016. This Project writing marketing Specialist Guothova & finance master Bednar. You are Blogger Platform or Site? So we will be Glad in touch!

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