Short Interview With Jordan artist Wissam Wleed

Wissam is young Painter living in Jordan in City Ammam. During  Today’s Coffee i ask him questions about his Artworks. He has University degree and doing Art 5 years. He starts with first Drawings in 2013.. and as he say he love Art. He is original from Iraq and live in Jordan. As starts war he left his Country and begin Live in different Country.

He feels Colors and Lines too. His art Paintings are really fabulous and contemporary.

Q: How long are taking you makes this Arts?

A: From 1 per 3 hour of Time. But very complicate Drawings up to 5 hours of Time.

For example.. this is 45 min Sketch.


Untitled design(1).png

You can ask about Yemen art Artist W. Wleed or direct me:

Q: And how many paintings you are able to do per day? As I am artist too and i feel of course artist need time for recovery.

A: As i tell you.. Sometime I have 2 months without painting.

Q: Ok and what are you doing this Time?

A: I am working in Design Company.

Q: What kind of Design you are doing in Company?

A: Logo and cover Design.


Very elegant and wonderful idea for Design.


Art Drawings from W. Wleed are in high-digital quality. I am so proud i personally know this Artist. He play with Colors wonderful Way. There is lot of Enthusiasm you can feel in his Works. So you can have in Home wonderful Art direct from Jemen.


He is finding Inspiration in arabic Culture. This is Art from Unknown artist.

Some few his Artworks.

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Author of Article: Guothova. Good Advertising Blog 2016.

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