We need move.. over lines in each Story

When we are reading something in Media.. keep in Mind there can be so lot of behind this Story. Some emotions can be wrong way.. and people looks stylized. I prefer natural way of communication for Company, which will look then really imposant way.

We are living in media times.

We need believe Way, how we feel. I prefer for each Story i was draw.. unique Concept and natural believable style. Then people / customers feel better what we wish say them. We are now living in world of lights, advertising.. but we can really make it natural form. People wish natural world.. with natural feelings.

I think future of media communication is to be near People.. and positive way.

For example: “When we use in Advertising stylized character, then we need make it real and be near target group. Best way is select extraordinary sign, how will be character communicate. Best way is create short story. For example for hand drawn characters i before use story board, now i am working without only with imagination”.

For Good Advertising Blog: Guothova Janka. We are writing unique Blog about Advertising from pen of Europe Author and Designer. We are looking on world of Advertising different Eyes. I never work before in big advertising Agency, all Solutions i am developing usually alone. I was study IT and Mass Communication.


Oslov nás, radi spolupracujeme na nových zaujímavých projektoch v oblasti Public Relations, Ilustrácie či reklamnej kreatívy. Toto leto píšeme sympatický malý Blog o reklame a médiách. Ak si chcete vypožičať nejaký článok, alebo chcete písať pre váš magazín – oslovte nás! Všetky texty , ktoré píšeme sú autentické a autorské. Najradšej na reklame mám, že reklama je nikdy nekončiaca oblasť nápadov.. jeden deň nikdy nie je rovnaký ako ten druhý. Copyright: 2016 Guothova. 

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