Unique business is Company visual stamp

What i Imagine.. ( we are writing Advertising visual Diary this Summer )

I imagine well-working Business as part of Life Story. It has few areas, where we can focus and.. of course develop it. When we set our Business Features, then we can build how it will works together.

There is lot of ways, how we are building it. We need define process as part of Business Strategy. But.. from definition to execution. How it will be works in real? We can have lot of daily inspiration, but successful business makes you Shine!

building business
→ life
→ corporate

What is our followWhiteDove Project? We are working on put Artists from various Continents together and present their Art. We are focus on select contemporary nowadays Europe Artists together. We here as Original idea made followWhiteDove tag as can be part of.. make Art like Feather.. symbolic way and send it to World. We use this creative method for our Artistic Shop Promotion where we making also promotion for artists. You can look our new project as designers presentation for Prague: prazskyobchudek.wordpress.com ( Place with Atmosphere, where you can buy piece of Original Art. Fairtrade Shop. Let me Introduce – We cooperate direct with artists. Each one i select for our Shop.. have original idea, which touch our and believing too your Heart. Probably you wish have this Arts at Home. All I can say they are serious Talents. With every buy of Art you are support Artist so he can create another Work. We are not Big Shopping Mall or Company, but we are making Our Job with heart )

I think.. it is important never set for Company Borders. Creativity in business means now more like in history.. and it is very valuable. Really Good Business will be Shine between 1000 another..

Wanna me for Cooperation? about.me/janaguothova GOOD ADVERTISING BLOG. WE HAVE IDEAS. Copyright: 2016 – Guothova. Author is advertising lady with ideas.


creative writing
project management


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