Which are most best Business for Today?

I put together at least 8 areas, which works well and can be part of your Company successful strategy.

– green business
– nature cosmetics
– travel
– natural health
– education and courses
– literature and publishing
– finance
– bio food

Successful Business Models: How will be my products works well? We are consult too also Company strategy, Marketing and Creative Communication. For creative Life we need open more creative doors. There are various kind of views, we can look in future. But.. for sustainable business we need think at least.. 5 years forward.

Any ideas Consult? This is business blog of Author and Marketing Professional Jana Guothova, Creative business advisor, Creative writer, Marketing girl, Green architecture enthusiast and Sustainable business solutions advisor. Young lady owns Marketing and Media, IT University Degree. She cooperate with best experts in marketing / media field. This summer as part of her work.. we are writing with Adriana 8 short stories for Kids. This is new project based on Two Little girls experiences in various situations. We create short stories and test solutions on Kids. Look also on brand “bee and glow illustrations” – amazing illustrations for Kids in – style for Authors and Publishers. On this Project we spent 5 years of work. Ilustrations are in one beautiful hand-drawn style. Our images are well known and working well with various Magazines, Projects and Agencies. ( before: lordalea illustrations, now: bee and glow illustrations ).

Why using illustrations as Company Sign? As we tested on Kids and Adults, it works well for some kind of solutions. Illustration as part of Creative Stamp for Company works better. But.. not all illustrations are good. Look.. “Good Illustration” – new brand for Illustrations.

Good Illustration = Illustration which works! ( tested on international markets )

Enjoy our Summer blogging and soon.. our Books are available on Amazon and Etsy!
Are you Startup or Author? Be in Touch with us, we can offer creative and unique market-tested solutions for media publishing or fashion field.

Enjoy Summer!
regards, Janka

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