Na Advertising Blogu by sa možno nemali písať básne, ale..

Mám tu niekoľko výnimiek.. ktoré boli napísané dávnejšie ale publikujem ich až dnes.

Where is Home of Sun
and.. Lake of Moon
where Miles turn to Run
and people know True

Where Tousands of Lemons
make you sad Smile
and Every Home have..
deep Torch of Light

Where Mothers meet Kids
before Sleep and.. Daily
Work is done. Maybe
you know it, maybe you
do not know how.

Mind full of questions,
brighter how Stars,
put your vision forward
make from you Wall.

Sometimes with closed Eyes
and sometime with Lamp
feel Destiny Rain
through Water Glass.

This is hand-drawn Original Poem. Copyright: 2016 Guothova. This poem is original artistic Piece written by me. One fragment from my Life..

Bee and Glow - Poems-1.png

I create this Poem before Summer 2016. poem, for summer evening


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