Illustrations for Marketing Segment: Company Presentation with ideas!

We set New Brand: Bee and Glow Illustrations on Market. All – Illustrations from our Portfolio will be available now in digital quality:

– all are original artworks
– exclusive quality
– hand-drawings in style! ( we focus on creative potential of artworks )
– Luxury Illustrations Collection ( only really precious illustrations on focus


Blond Girl artistic Driver on Pink background – Fashion illustration










Cooperation with: Shutterstock, iStock. We here focus especialy on Luxurious Design segment and our Illustrations are as well part of Corporate Identity for Designers, Fashion Ladies.. and Companies which working with Ladies. We consider high-quality Investition in Art and Illustration will grow Up your Company value. We have in portfolio more then 3000 Illustrations for Companies, Design and Interior Companies.

Guothova Janka, CEO

Author is creative writer, owner of fashion and marketing agency. I believe, original Creative Art will give your Company unique style of presentation and feeling.

Product design – Original design – Hand drawn Arts for business.


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