Entrepreneurship: Art gives Business visual Stamp and make it inspiring

Art was from History part of people, which wanna represent unique way. There are various businesses, which needs Art as part of their story. Visual art brings to our Life Inspiration, Imagination.. and can make us as part of Story.

“We are, what we present.. Connect your Business with world of Art”.

Author of Blog studied Marketing Communication on st. University and Methodius in Trnava, Slovakia. She love art.. create it – she is Visual Artist, Marketer, Business Woman and creator of various Europe little Startup projects. She together with Zdenko Bednar writes this Blog about advertising. She believe, our Creative power is without borders and we can create or learn every Day something new. Janka was worked for various clients worldwide and she is proud she can give her stamp too to many Succesful Projects as Tangle Teezer Matty character, dog Muffin and story about hairbrushes. Then she have clients in health, cosmetics, hospitality and restaurants segment. She believe girls have power and she Create with Aďa Šterclová girls marketing Agency with name “Pink Dragonfly”. Before this Summer we finished Startup for Slovakia segment – little family Brand Žilinské sukničky. We are trying with this Brand makes skirts in Slovakia back to life again and all are based on Local Regional Traditions, some are based on Global – trends.

This is Public relations Article. Good Advertising Blog – 2016.



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