Why illustration is different view of Way: be more than best

Ok, let’s see on Illustrations. Illustrations are perfect way in Advertising show product different way. In Advertising way there is perfect Way adapt images real Product.

I prefer many times Illustration in Campaign, because:

1 – Good illustration bring Emotions
2 – Works well
3 – Reflect Product better Way. Makes Product hero and extraordinary.

Illustrations are doing best Conversions how Images. But especially.. we are working with Brands new Way. Brand is about more.. good Brand brings value to your Advertisment from long-time reason. We call this process Building-Brand.

From Life of illustrations as Part of technical innovations – we need really precious Product. Precious Product means = good idea, nice execution and more.. add value to your product. Connect with best.. it makes your Product glamorous and shining. Good illustrations working well on all age-people, then kids, various Segments. Smart marketers really likes working with Illustrations. 


Janka Guothova – Good Advertising Blog. 2016. Good Advertising Blog is Blog, which works well. We are sharing here best ideas for every day This Summer. Need Artist or visual / marketing expert? Be in touch with us. Enjoy!


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