Inspired by-Manga from Country of Sun: original hand-drawn Artworks

NEW ARRIVAL! How looks original hand-drawn characters on Bag with golden zipper. This is original Artwork by designer Janka Guothova, Slovakia Artist. For original ladies.

style: cute, original, hand-drawn characters, japan, vintage, school
for night celebration, wedding, special occasions

Prices from .. 19 eur
Each Bag is hand-drawn Original piece.
For wonderful illustrations and Gifts see “Bee and Glow Illustrations”.

Artist – offer via her


Geisha is original artistic sign and we can work with them so well. I love japan-inspiration and Manga original babes, especially from 18th Century.


Girls, which supporting each other have story behind: I imagine them as School Girls, which are positive, helping each-other. Their drawings was so stunning. Now they are on Bags, too.

Good Advertising Blog. 2016.

advertising, bags, design, designers, original, concept, guothova, designer, bags, slovakia, art, colorful, hand-drawings, folk, cute, characters, fashion, bags, concepts, art, colorful, magic, magical, friendship, positive


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