New! Designers cases for iPhone 7 NEW in Our Design Atelier : by Guothova

For all, which are awaiting new iPhone 7 we have NEW Design Cases so we are very responsive to All our Clients this Days and we prepare Models for this version of Phones.

1 – based on Slovakia / Russia folk motives
2 – gray palette : Black and White in contemporary Style and my favourite option for Today
3 – vintage kitchen model : for your Mom as original Gift

Design available in more then 400 various covers Now. Every piece is hand-drawn and 100 % original. For those, which do not know my Arts i can consult and advice design, which you will like.

Fotografie 06.09.16 v 10.55 #5.jpg

Offer direct via designer Girl / me : jana guothova – linkedin , fb
3-4 weeks delivery

Nice and sunny Day for all iPhone7 – waiting People!

red, black, darkart, vintage, style, brown, design, atelier, kitchen, style, 40s, 50s, available, now, iphone7, preorder



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