Hey people! We are here open door for yours / our imaginations..

Fashion area is wide and I am so glad i can touch in my Life every Day colors.. because I am Designer. We are here building new virtual reality which touch your Skin. Our Creative Atelier is opening! If you are looking for Artist, Designer and your personal style Advisor, be in touch with Us. linkedin / janaguothova

Soon! We are cooperating with various World Brands how until Today.

Fotografie 02.10.16 v 17.33.jpg

“I believe Dreams can be true.. always”.

documentary photo : janka guothova / designer
Good Advertising Blog : 2016.

Jana Guothova ( lady on black and white photo ) studied Marketing Communication at University st. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava and is behind various projects worldwide. She begin her work as Illustrator for Magazines. Now she is preparing her fashion studio. Take a look behind our Blog or let me Contact!  WE DO, WHAT WE LOVE, there is not other Idea!

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