I am always look on New Project as White Canvas

Ok. ( Yes, everything is Ok for Start something new! ) We are on Way begin something Do from Roots. I am dividing every successful Project into 4 areas :

1. THERE MUST BE ROOTS – there must be something in our Mind, which says : we need begin Project
2. THERE MUST BE SUN – for growing project up / water too
3. THERE MUST BE IDEAS – ideas makes your project Invulnerable and keep work active and
4. THERE MUST BE CONTROL – we must control Execution and of course take a look on Processes

I always Imagine New Project as New Canvas. I am trying to be extraordinary and resistant any Solutions from Old Projects. New project is as begin of New World. We can easy forget old one. What you think? Discuss this Area with me / CONNECT me via LinkedIn : jana guothova

Fresh Advertising ideas Daily from : Jana Guothova. Copyright : j. guothova 2016
Good advertising Blog. 2016.



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