Destination Art : We love balance. One (un ) common day in Life of Artist

Short morning Blog: Creative people usually seems World different direction. How it looks when someone is looking through digital eyes? We see every pixel different way. Common people can see few millions of colors, creative people understanding more world of colors and they are taking especially look on few fields :

– angle of view
– creative balance and composition / we have usually divide world in 9 fields – just joking i think this way golden ratio
– then.. skin we feel structure and also lenses of light on it
– we see for every part of our life as “movie” which have creative potential and inspire us
– artist can usually combine colors without manuals only how looks at it. good artists have this in their blood
– then we see motion more deeper way and we focus on effects
– we love understanding each details surround us and make according it digital works

As per my life i meet art-oriented persons i study how they think and it helps me write this little ideas.

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