Through Creativity we can speak Stories..

Every Day can be creative Day. My studio and team around is proof. Today i wanna Introduce steps for less stressful and more positive life.

1. Morning, morning – little meditation
2. Keep calm for another 20 minutes and think about how Day will be look
3. Wake up!
4. Your next steps? To kitchen. Kitchen is wonderful place, where begin morning and life too.
5. We can prepare something good for Breakfast / of course do not forget your Breakfast.. and then begin working process. There is such perfect time have few minutes for balanced thinking and keep calm between work
6. Good food – for all rest of Day / i usually cook myself
7. I am usually go do Yoga
8. For evening – meditation with acceptation what I did every day

Let me introduce! I am for more then 8 years designer and artist Slovakia origin and Daily i am making art and fashion. This process is sometime very exhausting, so daily routine must looks balanced. For now how i am writing this Blog i have little baby so it is important care also about little human.


Jana Guothova – designer and illustrator. Photo is from personal archive one uncommon girl.
Good Advertising Blog : 2016.


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